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How Does it Work?

So how does Busby work?

Incident Detection

Busby monitors the sensors in your phone - there is no need to buy any additional hardware. 


You will be asked if you are OK (30 seconds by default)


If you are unresponsive, your location will be sent to your emergency contacts via our partnership with What3Words.

Busby Flare

If you need medical or mechanical support whilst using Busby, you can send out a Busby Flare within the app. 
This alerts surrounding Busby users and stores that a user nearby needs support. A secure chat window appears and you can discuss your issue with them and get help out to you ASAP.


Busby alerts nearby RoadRadar drivers when you are nearby, to raise their awareness and prevent any human error.


Busby rewards you for being safe. You collect points for every protected mile you do which can be used to unlock discounts/rewards within the app and enter monthly competitions. You can also get 50 coins for every family/ friend you refer.

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You don't have to be cycling to be protected by Busby

Busby is freely available for everyone

Busby Free

Busby offers free Incident detection and contact alerting with no time limits for everybody. You even get access to many of our partner offers and benefits too! We want the roads to be safer for everyone.

Busby Premium

Want to help support us and further development of the app? Upgrade to Busby Premium for additional features such as up to 5 emergency contacts per incident, x2 reward points per activity, removal of in-app advertisements and access to our upcoming GroupRide features. Also, benefit from exclusive premium member offers and increased discounts vs free tier.


We've Come a Long Way

Cyclists trust  Busby in over 24 countries

Busby is trusted by thousands of cyclists and has monitored several hundred thousand miles/kilometres of cycling, saving three lives since its launch in November 2019.

But we're not done yet, Busby is continuously developed based on community feedback, bringing new and exciting features on a monthly basis.

Get started with Busby today and become part of a safer global community.


We started developing Busby after co-founder Barry was involved in a serious cycling accident.


What People are Saying

Don't take just our word for it.

"I was out riding last weekend and was involved in an incident. I was unconscious for a little while but Busby recognised the incident and sent a message to my emergency contacts of my exact location straight away. Help arrived really quickly without me having to do anything. Thank you, Busby! Highly recommend this app to anyone!"

Sarah H.

"I recently started cycling again (trying to keep fit amongst all the snacks!) and someone at work mentioned Busby.

I was riding down a usually quiet country lane, when a car almost hit me. I had to swerve to avoid being hit and ended up down a steep embankment. 

I was unconscious for some time, bike completely snapped and a few broken bones. After nearly 15 minutes my husband turned up and I couldn't work out how, I thought I was imagining it from a bang on the head! Busby had informed him i'd been in an accident and sent my exact location, unbelievable! My injuries where pretty bad and help was able to get to me even though I was unconscious in a hard to find location.

Every cyclist should download this app!"

"Highly recommended. I went out for a long training ride and had an accident when I fell off my bike in the middle of the countryside. It notified my Mum who knew exactly where I was and was able to help me thanks to these guys"


 "I have two children, one has recently started learning how to ride his bike and my eldest has started playing out on her bike with her friends. I have downloaded Busby on her phone. It gives me peace of mind that she has additional safety whilst out on her bike.
As a parent, it's a no brainer.."


Alexandra Callaghan



"This app is something I truly believe in especially more now as a father and overall london city rider + all those solo bike packing or training rides would be handy to let those who know me best know I'm alright or injured."


"My parents are so grateful that you've created the app for when I'm out riding!!"


"Saw this app last night and signed up right away such a great idea. Wife loves the idea too especially since I've been doing a lot of solo rides."


"This app is genius, As I looked at it I realised how amazing it is, it will definitley save lives and next time I go riding I'll feel a lot safer keep up the great work!"


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