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Flare introduces its latest feature Live Share to increase the safety of family and friends

Stay protected and connected with even more of your loved ones with Flare’s latest feature Live Share!

As we believe nobody should feel alone and unsafe, we’ve made it easier and faster for you to stay safe by sharing your real-time location and safety status (a world first!) with trusted contacts.

So, the next time you are on a night out with friends or exploring the views of the countryside, Live Share can help provide peace of mind. In addition, we know that many organised events and clubs value safety. We’ve made it easier than ever to temporarily share your status with other members so that you can be sure that no one is ever left behind or unattended when they need help.

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Kirk Ryan said: “Live Share represents a significant expansion of our already award-winning safety platform Flare. Having recently had a family member jumped in town, the first things I wanted to know were "Is he ok?" and "Where is he now?". “Today, Flare can answer those questions and more importantly, alert the whole family in real-time at the moment he was attacked so that we could have a clearer understanding of the timings and locations when talking to the police.”

Flare is creating an ecosystem for safety and the addition of Live Share only bolsters its power to provide peace of mind to users and their loved ones. Through its introduction, Live Share adds an extra layer of protection allowing you to take control of your safety.

Live Share is now available within the latest version of Flare 4.2.0 and we’re making it free for everyone to try for a limited time only, after which it will become a premium user feature. Download today and join the thousands of users worldwide who are taking control of their safety and earning rewards for doing so.

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