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Lime Solicitors teams up with Busby to protect vulnerable road users

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

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Peter Jones, legal director in the personal injury team at Lime, said: “Cycling claims can be difficult to prosecute due to lack of evidence and data – in the heat of the moment it can be really tough to understand what happened. Lots of cycling accidents involve a head injury and memory loss around the incident is a very real problem.

“Busby isn’t just saving lives and making sure the roads are a safer place for all users, they’re also working on ensuring data is available to help paint a clearer picture of what actually happened when a cyclist comes off their bike – what the road conditions were like and if a car was involved, the details around impact etc.”

James Duffy, commercial director and co-founder of Busby, said: “It’s fantastic to be working with Lime to ensure our users have the legal advice they might need at their fingertips. In the winter months, there are generally fewer road users around so our app can be even more necessary if a cyclist comes off their bike and needs assistance. Walkers and runners keen to keep safe have also been downloading the app in great numbers.”

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