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Pillars of Protection

Personal Protection

With Busby SOS users can discreetly call for help if they feel unsafe at any given moment. This then sends a live tracking link to their emergency contacts.

Family Protection

Due Q4 2021
LiveTrack for you and your family. This offers peace of mind for everyones that their loved ones have arrived safely to work or school.

Employee Protection

Protection for food couriers, micro-mobility providers or employers can encourage employees to walk or cycle to work by offering them Busby Premium. This increases safety to be active and also rewards users too.

Group Protection

Never leave anyone behind.

Set a safety radius around your group, if anyone falls outside of the set radius, the rest of the group receive a notification so they can either slow down, or turn back and help.

Incident Protection

The worlds most accurate automatic incident detection algorithm. If a user has an incident, Busby recognises it with a 99.99% accuracy and sends their exact location to emergency contacts and/or employers/insurers.

Activity Protection

Mechanical or Medical support whilst out on the roads. If any user has a breakdown or needs medical support they can send up a Busby Flare which connects them to nearby Busby users or partners.

Smart Mobility

Protect your couriers or customers with our world leading protection technology

SDK Integration

Integrate the worlds most accurate incident detection algorithm 

Employee Benefit

Offer Busby to your employees to encourage a more active and safer lifestyle


Increase the protection of policy holders, reduce fraudulent claims and increase customer satisfaction


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