Cycling Tips

Look behind you

Look behind you often and make eye contact especially before changing road position.

Look Behind You

Clear signals

Make eye contact and give clear signals in good time before you turn so road users can adjust their speed and road position.

Clear signals

Be seen

Be in the middle of the lane at junctions so you can be seen.

Be Seen

Traffic lights

Only go along large vehicles if you are certain the lights will stay red until you are in the middle of the lane at the front. Otherwise, stay behind where you can see the drivers eyes in the mirror.

Traffic Lights


If cycling at speed, leave space for cars doors to open.

Space cycling


Be where you can be seen at junctions and where you can't be over taken by vehicles.

Junctions cycling


Filter on the outside of traffic if necessary. Look out for pedestrians.

Look Cycling


Position yourself where you can see the drivers eyes, and they can see yours

cycling position

Cycle lanes

Cycle lanes often put you in the blind spots of vehicles. Choose before you use them.

cycle lanes


Plan ahead and avoid your bus commute route.

cycling plan