Smart Mobility

Provide world leading protection to your riders.

Image by Marat Mazitov


Busby provides multiple layers of protection for your riders.

Automatic incident detection, emergency response, breakdown and medical support, personal safety support and incident prevention features.


Busby users are rewarded for being active by collecting sweatcoins for every active minute. Sweatcoins can then be spent within the Busby marketplace on discounts or exclusive offers.

Image by Brett Jordan

Incident Prevention

Busby users are anonymously connected to V2X platform, RoadRadar. This provides vehicle drivers with an advanced audible warning when a vulnerable road user is in a dangerous proximity, raising driver awareness and preventing any human error.
This ensures that all Busby users have an invisible safety halo around them at all times.


Enable Busby's world leading incident detection algorithm to your global fleet. The SDK integration takes less than 3 days and can then be rolled out to your fleet or active users on a national or global scale, providing always on safety.

Image by NASA

Smart Start

Busby can automatically start when a user is active so they don't have to press start/stop. This provides 'always on protection'


Busby users are rewarded for each active minute by earning Sweatcoins which can be spent within the marketplace.

Customer Satisfaction

Automate messages to riders when they have been involved in an incident 5/10/60 minutes or 24/48 hours after an incident.

White Label

Re-skin Busby with your own brand and colouring.